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I am writing a little theme for sawfish and a few questions came up
which I like to ask.

--Question 1a:
At the moment same graphic (e.g. the corner graphics) are displayed in
an active and an inactive version - what works fine:

        (corner-br (list (set-image-border (make-image
                         (set-image-border (make-image

	...and later inside the frame...
                ((background . ,corner-br)
                 (bottom-edge . -5)
                 (right-edge . -5)
                 (class . bottom-right-corner))

But I don't want the corner graphics at all once the window is not
active anymore. Is that possible and if so with which syntax? Here is
my idea with pseudo code:

	(if this-frame-is-active (
                ((background . ,corner-br)
                 (bottom-edge . -5)
                 (right-edge . -5)
                 (class . bottom-right-corner))

--Question 1b:
One step even better would be, if it would be possible to dispaly the
corner graphic only then if the mouse pointer is above the corner.
Would that also be possible?

--Question 2:
I realized through testing that the alpha channel of png pictures is
mostly ignored..only if the transparency is at 100% then that point is
displayed as fully transparent. This way I only get hard borders -
but I like to have nice color fades into the background. Is this
possible with sawfish and if so what have I to do?

Thanks in advanced,

Sawfish ML

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