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On Thu, 17 Jan 2013 09:26:26 +0100
wrote Zenlima <post@xxxxxxxxxx>:

>Hi Fuchur,
>> Show your theme.jl or better all what you have until now. 
>I packed it into a tar.gz file and uploaded it. You can find it under:
>I used Bedoon_Ism as a strating point as it looked simple. Now after
>looking at your suggested Crux theme.. maybe Bedoon_Ism is too simple..
>How do you test your themes via sawfish-client? As I have no clue about
>it, do you know/have a small howto for that scenario? 

I don't test the complete theme file i only test the "code blocks" in
sawfish-client. Here are two url:

You can test the examples from the sites in sawfish-client ....

I have try that your corners from your theme only appear if the mouse
is over the corners but it doesn't work here, but with my changes in
your theme file the corners only appear if the window has focus.


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