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> I works now if i press a keyboard key. I got also the correct key if i
> press strg, alt or the win key and a keyboard key, but now after
> your fix it in git, if i press a mouse button(s) nothing happens, also
> if i press strg, alt or win and a mouse button(s) nothing happens.

This is exactly the issue I wanted to fix in first place. But as you saw it 
caused major problems for anyone ... except me (...). So I reverted the commit 
that keyboard-grabbing fully works. Now mouse no longer works - just as 
before. I will be looking closer to make both work.

> And i found another (small) bug in keybindings. I you have a key with
> name "XF86AudioMedia" you can't use in sawfish the key with "run a shell
> comand". If i rename the key with:
> xmodmap -e "keycode 133 = XF86Launch0 NoSymbol XF86Launch0"
> it works.

My keyboard does not have XF86AudioMedia... all my special keys work, but:

grep XF86AudioMedia /usr/include/X11/XF86keysym.h

brings nothing. My guess is that this is some weird key that X11 isn't aware 
of, not a bug in Sawfish.


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