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You may wonder why there's 'suddenly' a wild beta appearing thursday? Here's 
why: Sawfish does now ship tiling modules. Currently I'm working on improving 
them. The tall-tiler is almost working as I want it to.

Example on how to use tiling shipped with Sawfish 1.9.90:
;; Tiling
(require 'sawfish.wm.tile.tile)
(tall-tiling 0 #:width 2 #:top 0 #:bottom 1 #:gap 1 #:max 3)
(bind-keys global-keymap
	   "F11" 'tile-workspace
	   "C-S-KP_Add" 'increase-max-windows
	   "C-S-KP_Subtract" 'decrease-max-windows
	   "C-F11" 'next-tiling)

See lisp/sawfish/wm/tile/readme.org for more infos (that's the original doc)

special thanks to Jose A. Ortega Ruiz (author of original code from: 

to avoid a window beeing tiled: add never-expose matcher (we have an expose 
function that is something like one-shot tiling (in EdgeActions), so I didn't 
bother adding yet another window-matcher for basically the same purpose). 
Though I experienced that the matcher is not always properly recognized 
(that's on my TODO).


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