Re: [Sawfish] Cairo-dock: less maximaization space, screen sometimes garbled

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xwininfo gives

$ xwininfo

xwininfo: Please select the window about which you
          would like information by clicking the
          mouse in that window.

xwininfo: Window id: 0x3c00006 "cairo-dock"

  Absolute upper-left X:  -1
  Absolute upper-left Y:  251
  Relative upper-left X:  0
  Relative upper-left Y:  0
  Width: 265
  Height: 298
  Depth: 32
  Visual: 0x5c
  Visual Class: TrueColor
  Border width: 0
  Class: InputOutput
  Colormap: 0x3c00005 (not installed)
  Bit Gravity State: NorthWestGravity
  Window Gravity State: StaticGravity
  Backing Store State: NotUseful
  Save Under State: no
  Map State: IsViewable
  Override Redirect State: no
  Corners:  +-1+251  -1016+251  -1016-251  +-1-251
  -geometry 265x298+-1+251

What size of cairo-dock does sawfish report? (eg.: using window-snooper from
Wiki / Tips). Does using a different compositing-manager solve the problem?

I have tried with xfwm4 and I didn't have these issues; but I prefer sawfish :^)


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