Re: [Sawfish] Sawfish 1.5.3 didn't work on ubuntu 12.10

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I used sawfish 1.5.3 on ubuntu 12.04 ( lubuntu in detail ) for quite a
few days. It worked well. I think it can run on your machine, too.

Maybe you can try to build a very simple config file ~/.sawfishrc

You can also try to reboot your system, launch the gnome-classic
desktop, then pkill the default window manager, and launch sawfish.

Hope that helps


On Sat, Nov 3, 2012 at 9:13 AM, xfq <> wrote:
> I installed Sawfish(with sudo apt-get install sawfish) but it's not working.
> All I see when I start X is the default stipple background: no programs, no
> menus, no pager.  I've tried middle-click and clicking both buttons
> simultaneously, but nothing happened.
> I've already read the Sawfish FAQ and user guide, and I've already searched
> the Web, but I still cannot solve this problem.  I have also tried to change
> a mouse, but it didn't make sense.
> English is not my native language; please excuse typing errors.  Thanks for
> your consideration.
> --
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