Re: [Sawfish] Key-binding is broken.

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For what it' worth: I have only been using sawfish for a few months, but I have never seen this fully working. I always assumed that it was a known bug which was not being attended to. Some key combinations grab successfully, while others are ignored...

> From: Rafal Kolanski <xs@xxxxxxxx>
>To: sawfish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
>Cc: fuchur <flohtransporter@xxxxxxxxx> 
>Sent: Monday, 29 October 2012, 16:46
>Subject: Re: [Sawfish] Key-binding is broken.
>I have had this problem since the start of september (see "I can't seem
>to grab keys in configurator" from 04/09/2012). Unfortunately, I haven't
>been able to identify the problem, and just resorted to typing in
>keystrokes by hand. I assumed this was due to me forcing my input method
>to be xim, but seeing other people with this problem makes me not so sure.
>Rafal Kolanski.
>On 29/10/12 14:28, fuchur wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If i try to add a key-binding but nothing happens if i click the button
>> and then press a keyboard key. If i press the mouse button it works.
>> Also not all keybindings work if i add manually (keyname get with xev).
>> I use the latest git and i can reproduces it on gentoo and debian
>> testing. I also have start sawfish with a empty ~/.sawfish.
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