Re: [Sawfish] preferred way to install on "recent" linux distro

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On Fri, 17 Aug 2012 21:44:08 +0200
wrote Daniel Fetchinson <fetchinson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>Hi folks,
>Recent linux distros typically come with gnome 3 (unfortunately).
>If I'd like to have sawfish how would I go about it? Install gnome 2
>alongside with gnome 3?
>Will that work?
>Or should I install MATE which is a gnome 2 fork?
>If anyone managed to get sawfish on fedora 16 or fedora 17 I'd be
>happy to hear your story!

Install gnome 2 alongside with gnome 3 not work.
On fedora i use xfce4 with sawfish. But now also mate is in
the repos for 16 17 and also in 18.


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