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On Wed, 22 Aug 2012 11:48:27 -0700,
greg heil <emanuensis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Rodrigo
> Does not sound good in general. i have not yet succeeded in installing
> Sawfish, and have two monitors. But the monitors are driven off the
> same Nvidia card. The Nvidia driver evidently fools X11 into seeing
> them as a single head. This may(?) be a way around Sawfish`s design
> flaw.

this is xubuntu 12.04, nvidia driver 295.49. lcds configured as separated
X screens. i do not really have problems with this. both screens look
very independent (e.g. different backgrounds.)

--multihead spawns two sawfish process and they seem to be happy out
  there. i have sawfish-ness on both screens. 

it is just that the warning is rather alarming/panicking and made me
hesitate about a different mechanism in sawfish to enable multi-headed


> Do you have the Nvidia driver too?

> greg

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> from:	 Rodrigo Amestica ramestica@xxxxxxxxxxx
> to:	 sawfish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> date:	 22 August 2012 11:28
> subject:	 [Sawfish] multi-head warning

> Hi,

> I'm trying a multiheaded environment for the first time (two lcds).
> When I start sawfish 1.9.0 with the --multihead option I get the
> warning shown below. Is it as bad as it sounds? Otherwise it seems to
> work. Is it '--multihead' the right mechanism to get multiheaded
> functionality?

> thanks,
> Rodrigo

> Warning: sawfish's --multihead option is known to have fundamental
> design flaws, which may lead to sawfish behaving strangely, or the
> files in your ~/.sawfish directory being corrupted. Use this option at
> your own risk! rep: using deprecated feature - &optional in lambda
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