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Does not sound good in general. i have not yet succeeded in installing
Sawfish, and have two monitors. But the monitors are driven off the
same Nvidia card. The Nvidia driver evidently fools X11 into seeing
them as a single head. This may(?) be a way around Sawfish`s design

Do you have the Nvidia driver too?



from:	 Rodrigo Amestica ramestica@xxxxxxxxxxx
to:	 sawfish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
date:	 22 August 2012 11:28
subject:	 [Sawfish] multi-head warning


I'm trying a multiheaded environment for the first time (two lcds).
When I start sawfish 1.9.0 with the --multihead option I get the
warning shown below. Is it as bad as it sounds? Otherwise it seems to
work. Is it '--multihead' the right mechanism to get multiheaded


Warning: sawfish's --multihead option is known to have fundamental
design flaws, which may lead to sawfish behaving strangely, or the
files in your ~/.sawfish directory being corrupted. Use this option at
your own risk! rep: using deprecated feature - &optional in lambda

Sawfish ML

Sawfish ML

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