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On Friday 17 August 2012 21:44:08 Daniel Fetchinson wrote:

> Hi folks,


> Recent linux distros typically come with gnome 3 (unfortunately).

> If I'd like to have sawfish how would I go about it? Install gnome 2

> alongside with gnome 3?

> Will that work?


> Or should I install MATE which is a gnome 2 fork?


> If anyone managed to get sawfish on fedora 16 or fedora 17 I'd be

> happy to hear your story!


> Cheers,

> Daniel


I'm not using Fedora but Debian... but I'm using Sawfish with Razor-Qt a very good small desktop environment that offers all you need not more (session manager, some widgets, panel, volume manager, user-to-root for mounting volumes with root priviledges...).


Sawfish can be choosen (as in KDE4) from a drop-down box as Razor-Qts WM,

so there's practically nothing to do to get Sawfish up and running.




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