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throwit1@xxxxxxxxxxx (2012-08-26 at 0427.45 -0400):
> in sawfish-config, under "iconify button keymap" I do see the entry
> Button3-Click   -> Popup window ops menu 
> but it doesn't do anything anywhere.  I suspected Unity or Gnome3 window management had something else running that's capturing or silently throwing away some of these events, but with lxde and Xfce I hoped I had side stepped thse window manager issues. 
> Shading and maximizing / minimizing using Button 3 works fine. 

So you can invoke many commands by clicking, but the one that calls a
menu is failing. What about launching without clicking? For example
type this in sawfish-client:

(popup-window-menu (get-window-by-name-re "TITLE"))

Replace TITLE with (part of) a title of a window you have already
open. It should report that a process is running, and show a menu near
the mouse (not the window), and of course perform operations if you
use arrows and enter to select a function from the menu.

If still no menu, then the problem is somewhere else (the menu
structure or the menu program or ...) and not about clicks being


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