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I replied to the "please confirm subscription request email" 
and got no errors back so I thought that was OK - 

should I re-try from the start again? 

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>Though main-menu can be triggered to be accessible anywhere, if you bind 'popup-root-menu to something in global-keymap, or 'popup-window-menu for window-ops menu.

I turned on the "hints" and clicked (right, left, middle) everywhere the hints said something useful would happen.

No Sawfish menus yet. 

in sawfish-config, under "iconify button keymap" I do see the entry
Button3-Click   -> Popup window ops menu 

but it doesn't do anything anywhere.  I suspected Unity or Gnome3 window management had something else running that's capturing or silently throwing away some of these events, but with lxde and Xfce I hoped I had side stepped thse window manager issues. 

Shading and maximizing / minimizing using Button 3 works fine. 

Sawfish ML

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