[Sawfish] Window dimensions are off by 226x238 when set via Window Rules

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Hello everyone.

I've got a slight problem with Sawfish 1.8.2 installed (compiled from
sources) on Ubuntu 12.04. I have the same problem with 1.5.3 on 11.04.

When I define window dimensions via the Window Rules, the resulting
size of the window is off by 226x238. Means that if I set the size to
100x100 it becomes 326x328. This is reproducible with any size and that
offset is fix. I get a similar behavior on my laptop, the offset there
is 495x205. However, Sawfish does restore sizes from the window history
correctly. Setting the location does also work correctly.

Here's some additional informations:

    Ubuntu 12.04, Sawfish 1.8.2
    nvidia GeForce 9600GT (Closed source drivers)
    Dualhead (one X-Session) 1920x1080 and 1440x900
    Ubuntu 11.04, Sawfish 1.5.3
    Intel Chipset
I'm setting these values via the GUI, but have checked ~/.sawfish/rc
and it contains the correct values.

I'm a little bit lost about that, does someone have an idea or need any
further details?

Best Regards,

Sawfish ML

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