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On Saturday 16 June 2012 00:08:44 fuchur wrote:

> Hi,


> On Fri, 15 Jun 2012 18:51:06 +1000


> wrote Allan Duncan <amd2345@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> >Has anyone tried sawfish on either of the linux mint release 13 varients

> >(MATE or Cinnamon desktops)?

> >

> >Mate is derived from gnome 2.3 so a change of window manager should work.

> >

> >I can't locate any info on Cinnamon beyond "The desktop layout is

> >similar to Gnome 2" and "The underlying technology is forked from Gnome

> >Shell" with a mention of a "comfortable desktop experience".

> >I've made a bootable stick and tomorrow I'll have a bit of a rummage

> >around in whatever config files there are to see if I can alter the WM.


> Cinnamon use as windowmanager Muffin. If you try to replace Muffin with

> a other Windowmanage (sawfish) also the Panel and all the other Cinnamon

> stuff "disappears". The same is by Gnome3 if you replace the Mutter the

> gnome3 windowmanager.


> Why should someone use Mate? I don't know. Mate has no Panel plugins in

> Mint (only the standard plugins from gnome2) and has only rename the

> most applications from gnome2. If gnome3 (still) has the fallback mode

> you have "more" from gnome2 in the gnome3 fallback mode as in Mate.

> Mate makes no sense to me.


MATE is a fork of GNOME2, so of course it still has all the GNOME2 stuff,

but not the GNOME3 stuff. On the other hand it still has all the stuff removed

from GNOME2 (for example the emblem stuff in Nautilus).



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