Re: [Sawfish] Window dimensions are off by 226x238 when set via Window Rules

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On Wed, 27 Jun 2012 00:18:15 +0200
wrote "Robert 'Bobby' Zenz" <Robert.Zenz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

>Hello everyone again.
>I take that back, it is *not* always off by 226x238, that only is
>correct for gconf-editor. xterm when set to 500x500 goes to 3000x1500
>or so, and the xfce4 appearance dialog gets resized to roughly
>800x1000. So this depends on the window sawfish is trying to resize.
>So far I'm still out of ideas.
>Best Regards,

What happens if you move "~/.sawfish" to ~/.sawfish-old" and restart
sawfish? If that than work it is something wrong with your customer


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