Re: [Sawfish] keymap resets for window / sharing input with window group

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Hi, Julio. I'm Teika, a retired developer of Sawfish.

If your window group consists of a window class, then you can
use "window rules". Read KEYBIDINGS in the source tarball.

If not, it's a bit complicated, but try 
(ungrab-keymap your-keymap)
(grab-keymap your-keymap)

Explanation: I don't remember the exact mechanism, but setting the
keymap by window-put is not sufficient (sorry, undocumented). What
window-put does is a pure lisp matter, but you have to register keys
in X. If you want to read the source ;-), see KEYBINDING, src/keys.c,

Teika (Teika kazura)

Sawfish ML

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