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On Monday 09 April 2012 14:15:22 Krzysiek wrote:

> Hi. I have another problem.

> I have 2 workspaces each 2x2 viewports (or pulpits as i understand it).

> Now i want seamonkey to start on the second workspace and 2x1 viewport

> i.e. second viewport on x axis and first viewport on the y axis. So i've

> set such a configuration in the sawfish-config. In the custom file it

> looks like this:

> (custom-set-typed-variable (quote match-window-profile) (quote ((((WM_CLASS

> . "^S eaMonkey/Navigator$")) (workspace . 2) (viewport 2 . 1)

> (raise-on-focus . #t)))) And it doesn't work.

> With the start of seamonkey viewport changes to the defined settings but

> it remains in the first workspace. I mean here that the focus remains

> there. Seamonkey on the contrary starts in the second workspace but on

> the 1x1 viewport and without focus.

> I've tried also to set or unset the mysterious options "New Workspace" and

> "New Viewport". What they are supposed to do? In my experiments setting

> "New Workspace" to yes resulted in staying in the first workspace. I've got

> focus, seamonkey started on desired viewport but the workspace was first

> instead of second.

> Looks like it is a bug.


> Krzysiek


New Workspace/Viewport open a new WS/VP for the given window, of none is free.


I'll look into this.



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