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Hi. I have another problem.
I have 2 workspaces each 2x2 viewports (or pulpits as i understand it).
Now i want seamonkey to start on the second workspace and 2x1 viewport
i.e. second viewport on x axis and first viewport on the y axis. So i've
set such a configuration in the sawfish-config. In the custom file it
looks like this:
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote match-window-profile) (quote ((((WM_CLASS . "^S
eaMonkey/Navigator$")) (workspace . 2) (viewport 2 . 1) (raise-on-focus . #t)))) 
And it doesn't work.
With the start of seamonkey viewport changes to the defined settings but
it remains in the first workspace. I mean here that the focus remains
there. Seamonkey on the contrary starts in the second workspace but on
the 1x1 viewport and without focus.
I've tried also to set or unset the mysterious options "New Workspace" and "New
Viewport". What they are supposed to do? In my experiments setting "New
Workspace" to yes resulted in staying in the first workspace. I've got
focus, seamonkey started on desired viewport but the workspace was first
instead of second.
Looks like it is a bug.


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