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Hi, janemba.

First, I mistook one thing: starting order does *not* matter. Sorry.

One thing I forgot was ~/.sawfish/window-history. Renaming it (or
deleting if you don't need it.) may fix. (I don't understand what this file
is, so it may be irrelevant.) I never use it, but sometimes it's
generated automatically. So the script I use to start Sawfish checks
the existence of that file, and warns.

Hand-editing of ~/.sawfish/custom can be the last resort. Delete
*all* lines which contain match-window-profile (since you're grep
lover, I don't think you missed other lines, though.) and re-add
rules. Some rules which contain "frame-type normal" smell fishy. One
of them may be matching too to xterm for some reason.  (Kill
configurators, restart Sawfish, edit and save, and restart Sawfish.)

Teika (Teika kazura)

Sawfish ML

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