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On 12/07/2011 05:47 PM, Michal Jaegermann wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 07, 2011 at 03:49:41PM +0100, janemba wrote:
>> On 12/07/2011 01:48 PM, Teika Kazura wrote:
>>> Seems your configuration is right, but setting the rule to XTerm,
>>> instead of ^XTerm/xterm$ may fix it. (But I don't think it's likely.)
>> Ok did it.
> Instead of pictures, which give you only weak hints of what was
> _really_ applied and to what, a line from ~/.sawfish/custom with
> 'match-window-profile' on it would be vastly preferable.
If I knew it I would post this line...

This is the line with 'match-window-profile' :
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote match-window-profile) (quote ((((WM_CLASS .
"^Opera/opera$")) (workspace . 2) (frame-type . normal) (maximized . all))
(((WM_NAME . "^Buddy List$") (WM_CLASS . "^Pidgin/Pidgin$")) (workspace . 1))
(((WM_CLASS . "^VirtualBox/Qt-subapplication$")) (workspace . 4)) (((WM_CLASS .
"^Thunderbird/Mail$")) (workspace . 3) (frame-type . normal) (auto-gravity .
#t)) (((WM_CLASS . "^XTerm/xterm$")) (place-mode . first-fit) (frame-type .
none)))) (quote match-window) (quote sawfish.wm.ext.match-window))

> It could be also something in how this xterm is really started.
> 'man xterm' describes options and resources which influence how
> borders of xterm window are supposed to look and possibly something
> there overrides what sawfish is trying to do.
Xterm start according to my .Xdefaults. I set some parameters
but none is used for borders. I paste in my previous message the
content of my .Xdefaults concerning Xterm but I re-paste it :

XTerm*scrollBar:        false
XTerm*vt100.scrollBar:        false
XTerm*utf-8:            1
XTerm*multiScroll:        on
XTerm*jumpScroll:          on
XTerm*SaveLines:           10000
XTerm*geometry:          80x25
XTerm*background:          black
XTerm*foreground:          grey
XTerm*cursorColor:         green
XTerm*faceName:             Terminus
XTerm*faceSize:             9

I thought about an option in xterm that can override sawfish parameters
but I didn't find anything into xterm documentation.

However, I maybe used a wrong word when I'm talking about "border".
I'm talking about the "titlebar" on all the window and I'd like to remove
it only for xterm. When I set "frame type" to "none" for others windows
it works. I encountered this issue only for xterm.


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