Re: [Sawfish] Synthesizing events in 1.8.90 is glitchy for me

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Dzień dobry, Rafal Kolanski.

If you use that key only as Multi_key, never as Super, than I recommend
xmodmap instead of event synthesis, like this:

# 123 should be replaced appropriately. Use xev to know the keycode.
$ xmodmap -e "keycode 123 = Multi_key" 
# Usually mod4. use $ xmodmap -pm to know where Super is assigned to.
$ xmodmap -e "remove Mod4 = Super_L Super_R"

To be safe, disable autorepeat for the super key:
$ xset -r 123

Some years ago, this was necessary for my keyboard to work as expected,
although it seems to have gone:
$ xset r rate 200 50 # Read man xset for the meaning.

# I've never used Multi_key, but Wikipedia says it's released first
# unlike AltGr.

You know, there're many many variants of keyboards, and we always have
difficutly in communication. What's worse is that keyboard is (also) a
messy part of X, although most people can manage to live. ;)

See also:

Do widzenia. (I don't speak Polish, but Dzień dobry must mean "Day good.")
Teika (Teika kazura)

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