[Sawfish] Synthesizing events in 1.8.90 is glitchy for me

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Hello Sawfish Users,

I have been using 1.8.90 on Ubuntu, first on 11.04 with the "Classic"
view, then on 11.10 with the "gnome fallback" and then migrated to XFCE.
However, since my upgrade to 11.10 I am having numerous problems with
synthesizing events.

Basically, I have a setup like this (GTK_IM_MODULE=xim , so I can use

;; sending multiple events to the current input focus (for UTF-8 input

(defun synthesize-event-input-focus (e)
  (synthesize-event e (input-focus)))
(defun events-input-focus (es) (mapcar synthesize-event-input-focus es))

;; polish bindings for ąćęłńóśżźĄĆĘŁÓŃŚŻŹ

(bind-keys window-keymap "Super-a"
  '(events-input-focus `("Multi_key" ";" "a")))
;; etc.

This means when I press my windows key and "a", sawfish sends out:
  Multi_key ; a
and the result of that I expect to be "ą".

Most of the time, I get the expected result. Except sometimes Super_L
and Super_R don't work reliably... then I hold in Super+a and get
something like:


I have no idea why this is.

Similarly, trying this trick on gnome-terminal, lxterm or xterm simply
does not work (and I'm pretty sure it used to). If I press the
Multi_key,;,a combination separately, it works fine. If I press Super+a
the cursor just blinks and no action follows.

Do you have any ideas on what has changed recently or what I could
possibly be doing wrong?


Rafal Kolanski.

Sawfish ML

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