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I don't have any problems here and there's nothing wrong as as I can see.


librep >= xyz does refer to the library, not to any package.


The package you're missing is librep-dev, as it contains $LIBDIR/pkg-config/librep.pc, which is used to determine the installed version of librep.





Saturday 24 December 201113:29:00Darth Emacs

Hi folks,

I'm building deb packages from the git source and am running into some problems. I start by 'debianizing' librep. First I rename the directory from librep to librep-0.92.1b+git20111224 and open the directory and throw the debian directory in the trash. I then run ./ from the shell to configure the source. When I don't run this configure I run into errors when creating the debs and am halted for upstream errors. After configuring a new debian directory is created in the librep-0.92.1b+git20111224 directory. I then modify the control, copyright and changelog files by replacing them with minor changes the files that were originally sent to the trash before configuring. This is where I think I am running into the problem. In Christopher's control file it specifies five packages. These packages are rep, librep16, librep-dev, librep-dbg and rep-doc. I then use debhelper and rfakeroot to create the deb packages. It creates five deb packages, one each for rep, librep16, librep-dev, librep-dbg and rep-doc. I install these packages with dpkg -i. No problems. I then run ./ on rep-gtk. The operation is halted because librep => 0.90.5 is required. There is no librep installed. Only the five deb packages rep, librep16, librep-dev, librep-dbg and rep-doc are installed. What would be the optimal workarounds for this problem.



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