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> 1. Do you use compositing = transparency?

No, I don't see the added value.

> 2. Do you have codes which use event synthesis or replay?

No, not currently, but this is an interesting feature. I used
something like that when I used SCWM years ago, but I didn't
try "porting" my code to sawfish.

> 3. Do you use input translation per window? (If you don't know it,
>    see the section "Keymap transition" in the file "KEYBINDINGS".


> 4. Do you use edge-actions except edge-flip and viewport dragging
>    (formerly known as infinite-desktop), that is, our genuinely new
>    feature?

No, I didn't know this feature.

> 5. If you have any other questions you want to ask, write in. We'll
>    do another survey.

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