[Sawfish] Frame class and foreground image scale.

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If i use in theme.jl a frame class with foreground images like this:

(define top-frame-close-button
  `((class . close-button)
    (background . ,(nth 0 base-button-images))
    (foreground . ,(nth 0 close-button-images))
    (cursor . hand2)
    (top-edge . ,title-edge-s)
    (height . ,title-height-s)
    (width . ,top-frame-button-width)))

the foreground images will not scale if i resize the button, it will
not apply the (height . ,title-height-s) and
(width . ,top-frame-button-width) by foreground. Look at the pictures by
the mail.

If i use scale-image for the foreground images in theme.jl, it makes the
images blurry.

Any ideas?


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