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On Fri, Aug 05, 2011 at 03:17:15PM -0400, John Lumby wrote:
> ... here's how:
> edit /etc/X11/xinit/Xclients and add some script like :
>     if [ "$DESKTOP" = SAWFISH ]; then {
> ###   may need to        export PATH="??????";
>         PREFERRED=`which sawfish`;
>     };
>     elif [ "$DESKTOP" = "GNOME" ]; then ...

Just a small techical note. 'which' is usually an alias (type
'which which' to see for yourself) so its use above is not entirely
safe and/or correct even if usually you are not bumping into
surprises.  With bash you can use instead

       PREFERRED=`type -p sawfish`

or more readable

       PREFERRED=$(type -p sawfish)

You can also use an explicit /usr/bin/which (unfortunately fixing
that path).

Also there should be a clause which handles empty $PREFERRED if
sawfish is not found with 'type -p sawfish' (and which is a tad
easier to handle than "/usr/bin/which: no sawfish in ..." on
stderr).  So to be on a safe side I would have there something
of that kind
       if [ "$DESKTOP" = "SAWFISH" ]; then
          PREFERRED=$(type -p sawfish)
          [ "$PREFERRED" ] || DESKTOP="GNOME"
       if [ "$DESKTOP" = "GNOME" ]; then


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