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I am happpily running sawfish on Fedora 15 on one of my machines, and my replacement for Gnome is nothing. In other words, I run sawfish *as* the desktop manager (instead of gnome-session). I find I really don't miss the Gnome Gnunk all that much. Everything else works fine (of course you still need the various gnome rpms installed for things such as application choosers etc)
Maybe you know that this is an option,  but if not,  here's how:

edit /etc/X11/xinit/Xclients and add some script like :

    if [ "$DESKTOP" = SAWFISH ]; then {
###   may need to        export PATH="??????";
        PREFERRED=`which sawfish`;
    elif [ "$DESKTOP" = "GNOME" ]; then ...

then edit or create /etc/sysconfig/desktop and insert one line

Cheers,    John Lumby

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