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On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 08:33:44PM +0200, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
>> yes, it persists, for the click to focus event, there
>> is an alternative which passes through the events but
>> for the move-window-interactively there doesn't seem
>> to be one ... anyway I worked around that (for now)
>> by changing the move-window-interactively to a different
>> key/button combination ...

>> best,
>> Herbert

> Well, there's a difference between a B1Click and Alt-B1Click:

> Alt-B1Click is bound to a command, while B1Click is only "focus
> that window". Thus Sawfish will pass the event through (if
> choosen) for the later, but not for the former. So this is
> actually not a bug, it's just an conflicting keybinding.

> Ways to solve the issue

> - (as you did): change Alt-B1Click to something else
> - change the application's binding
> - use keymap-trans. keymap-trans is a window-rule, which 
>   sends a different event to the given window, as the one 
>   you typed. Example:

> press C-n but let window receive C-S-t (this way I make 
> konsole act like Editors when I'm about adding a new 
> Terminal-Tab).

> This works pretty simple:

> ( add-window-matcher '( (WM_CLASS . "^Konsole/konsole$" ) )
>   ( keymap-trans . ( ( "C-n" "C-S-t" ) ) ) )

> should be straight forward.

well, I agree that there are many workarounds, but I still
do not understand why they are necessary, for example the
same Alt-Button1-Move gesture to move windows works just
fine in metacity, but the application still receives the
Alt/Button1 down/up events, and thus, can react on them

I understand that there is no sane way to handle the Move
part (i.e. to pass it to the application) but that's not
what I'm talking about ....


> Chris

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