Re: [Sawfish] alt-button-1 not passed through to application

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Oops, I'm sorry for my last reply which misunderstood your issue.

First the theory: In general, when an input event is "consumed", 
then it's not propagated any more, so in this case, not sent to the
underlying window. If metacity always sends events, it's a bug,
too, in the opposite direction.

Sorry that it's not configurable in Sawfish, but there's a better
workaround; put the following in your ~/.sawfish/rc:
(define (move-win-int-send w)
  (require 'move-resize)
  (move-window-interactively w)
  (synthesize-event "Alt-Button1-Click" w))

(define-command 'move-win-int-send move-win-int-send
  #:spec "%W")
(bind-keys window-keymap "Alt-Button1-Move" 'move-win-int-send)
Then Alt-Button1-click and release are always sent to the client.

Teika (Teika kazura)

Sawfish ML

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