[Sawfish] New EdgeActions: Expand + Maximize

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Hi all,

two new EdgeActions in edge-actions-1.9 branch.

Maximize-Window. Well since KDE, GNOME and Windows offer maximizations when 
dragging the window for the edge I thought, I'd add a simple-to-choose version 
for Sawfish, too. (Well, for the advanced user it would have only been tow 
lines in SawfishRC), but OK.

Expand-Window. If you ever used a recent Windows, you'll notice that dragging 
the window to the left or right edge will expand it to the size of the left or 
right half of the screen. Expand-Window is exactly that (of course with 
unmaximize support). Works for top and bottom, too of course.

If you have any more ideas for EdgeActions, just tell me.

Have Fun

Sawfish ML

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