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Hi all,

I've just added a new widget to SawfishConfig, I would like to hear your opinion about: range.

Before: all numbers in SC are represented by GtkSpinButton, regardless whether they have a range or not.

Now: I would like to: numbers without limit or all-positive limit (say from 1 to 65535) to stay as they are, but for numbers with a real range (say from 5 to 500), I would like to use GtkHScale instead. Additionally GtkScale widgets allow marks to be set, so it becomes very easy to reset the value manually (without the need for hitting `revert', which would revert all changes).

Screenshot attached, the "°" is the mark. The widget would be one line smaller without the mark.
sawfish.wm.ext.conf contains example usage. Requires latest rep-gtk GIT.

Code resides in not-yet-renamed misc-1.9 branch

What do you think?

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