Re: [Sawfish] Error switching to StyleTAB

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Hmm... could you try with clean setup?
(no .sawfishrc / .sawfish stuff and restart Sawfish).

No, my .sawfishrc file has this, which I take it does nothing as it is
commented out.:

;;  (define-special-variable themes-are-gaolled t
;;    "When non-nil themes are assumed to be malicious.")

Not hurting, but the following stuff can be removed from your RC, as no longer required (or valid):

   (define-special-variable customize-command-classes '(default viewport)
     "Also include commands of these classes the key bindings panel.
   Add the `viewport' keyboard to make viewport commands show up.")

   (define-special-variable viewport-dimensions '(2 . 2)
     "Size of each virtual workspace.")

   (require 'sawfish.wm.edge.flip)

   (define-special-variable edge-flip-enabled t
     "Select the next desktop when the pointer hits screen edge.")

   (define-special-variable edge-flip-type 'viewport
     "Control what hitting the screen edge selects, workspace or viewport.")


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