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Good evening Nikos,

Welcome to QET and thank you for your interrest. Thank you also for
the translation. Unfortunately, recently our main developper left the
project. So we are a bit slow in integrating the contribution.
Unfortunately, I am not an expert in merging.

Basic use (download, update, upload) of SVN is not complicated . SVN
also makse it easier to include new translations. Which operating
system do you use (Windows, Linux, MacOs, other)?  I am using SVN
under Windows and Linux, so I can show you basic usage of SVN and how
to install it. If you have any other question do not hesitate.


2013/4/15, nikos <231036448@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hallo Xavier,
> my name is Nikos Papadopoylos,
> and I have created a greek translation for Qelectrotech
> (kind older version, though= 14/10/2011)
> I am not very familiar with the Qt translation system,
> so, if you upload/merge the file to svn,
> I will downloaded it,
> and work farther, on the later version of Qelectrotech.
> You can also check the rest of my translation contributions,
> in the attached file.
> Thanks
> Nikos

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