Re: [qet] QElectroTech: translations update?

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On 23.4.2012. 19:24, Xavier G. wrote:

The QElectroTech project intends to release a new version in a few weeks
and, as shown on the page dedicated to translations[1], you are registered
as translators for Russian, Portuguese, Romanian and German.

Could you let me know whether you are still interested into translating
QElectroTech? Thanks in advance.


I'm still interested into translating QElectroTech to Croatian. I hope that I finish my translation next week. It's a lot of job and sometimes is very difficult find a right words. Yesterday I finished with letter "P". When I finished all letters than I plan tested translation few days, perhaps with few friends and than make corection. After that I upload my translation.
Is that OK?



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