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On 15.4.2012 22:47, Xavier G. wrote:
Hi Antun,

Le dimanche 15 avril 2012 21:22:28 Antun Maraković, vous avez écrit :
I'm interesting to translate QET from english to croatian language.
I'm industrian technicians and I use  QET last few weeks (on Ubuntu and
Windows 7)
Your help is welcome. Could you please subscribe to TuxFamily[1] (our
hoster) and provide me with your username so I grant you with write access
to the project? By chance, do you know Suversion? Note that source strings
are actually in French (their English translation is available though).

Best Regards

Antun Marakovic
I subscribe to TuxFamily and my username is amarakov. I'm sorry but I don't know Suversion. I understand that source strings are in French and also their English translation is available. I hope that if I need some translation from French to English to better understand that you help me.



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