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Le vendredi 09 octobre 2009 07:51:28 Pavel Fric, vous avez écrit :
> Hi,
> that's good to hear.
> I didn't realize and didn't search for the version number of installed
>  Editor of elements. Probably I would spent the same amount of time using
>  the KWrite from the beginning.
Yep. However, you'll need a bleeding-edge version of QElectroTech some day. 
For example to answer to your next question :)
This page should be useful :
However, you don't need to install the compiled version, you can still 
launch it by using the misc/ script.

> To "Paucal" . I found in my excellent vocabulary the meaning for this
>  form, but I wasn't sure with the "shapes" - if there are any for those
>  words at all. How will it look in the program? It will use the french
>  language strings? or take the plural?
Actually, it seems to fall back to the french version - I'd copy the plural 
version if I wouldn't know the paucal one.

> Greetings, Pavel Fric
Xavier G.
QElectroTech project developer

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