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Le mercredi 07 octobre 2009 18:15:56 Pavel Fric, vous avez écrit :
> Hi,
> I registered on TuxFamily, but it seems to me more difficult, when my
>  terminal doesn't know the commands (I have installed Mandriva 2010beta):
>  bash: svn etc, that I copied from "doc:subversion..." page. Probably
>  something is missing on my PC. Perhaps I will try to use my notebook for
>  these commands, maybe it will work faster...
Well, I think you'll have to install the package called "subversion" (or 
something like this) using the Mandriva utilities (urpmi, etc.). 
If by chance you know IRC (Internet Relay Channel), you can join us on, channel #qet, for more explanations :)
> It is something more than my usual habits. :-)
> I opened some "elements" (downloaded 0.2 branch) in editor of elements or
>  in KWrite, so I saw how the adding of a new row with language and name
>  works.
Neat :)

> For the time now I would like to ask you to send me the main file to be
>  updated. And tarball with elements - simply "the files" I should
>  download myself, to be worked on, and then sent to you to be checked and
>  samehow uploaded. Of course it would be better when I could make the
>  changes and update via the system.
Well, let's take the list from :

1 - the strings in the program itself: .ts and .qm files in the lang/ 
The attached qet_cs.ts has been updated (obsolete strings removed, new 
strings added), so there are new strings to translate.

2 -  in qetproject.cpp, function 
QETProject::namesListForIntegrationCategory() : hardcoded translation of 
“Imported elements” to provide to the developer;
Well... how do you say "Imported elements" in czech ? :)

3 - the strings from the Qt toolkit: generally: .ts and .qm files already 
translated to look for in the last version of Qt's official .tar.gz;
Well, it's a huge work, that may have been already made by someone else - 
we'll see this later.

4 - the names in the elements collection : .elmt and qet_directory files in 
the elements/ directory;
The attached archive "elements-763.tar.gz" contains the elements (.elmt 
files) and categories (directories containing a "qet_directory" file) from 
the latest revision of the Subversion repository. Edit .elmt and 
qet_directory files using UTF-8 charset, and everything should be alright.

5 - the shortcut towards QElectroTech in the menus: qelectrotech.desktop 
file in misc/;
 the files associations: x-qet-* files in misc/;
See matching attached files, it's pretty intuitive.

6 - the Unix manual in man/;
We'll see this one later - it's one of our less-translated document :(

7 - the CREDIT, README and INSTALL files.
See matching attached files; add them a section [cs] :)

> Pavel Fric

Xavier G.
QElectroTech project developer

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Thanks to Qt Software for their Qt library ( ), licensed under GNU/GPL.
Thanks to Everaldo Coelho for the Crystal SVG icons theme ( ) licensed under LGPL.
Thanks to Nuno Pinheiro for the Oxygen icons theme ( ) licensed under LGPL but also for the QElectroTech-dedicated icons.
Thanks to the KDE project ( ).
Thanks to Loic for his mathematics-related explanations.
Thanks to Nicolas for the Mac OS X experimentations.
Thanks to Remi Collet for the Fedora packaging.
Thanks to Laurent Trinques for the Debian packaging.
Thanks to `trem' for the Mandriva packaging.
Thanks to TuxFamily ( ) for hosting the project.
Thanks to `Nishiki' for his elements and his support.
Thanks to for their SingleApplication class.

Merci à Qt Software pour la bibliothÚque Qt ( ), sous licence GNU/GPL.
Merci à Everaldo Coelho pour le thÚme d'icÎnes Crystal SVG ( ) sous licence LGPL.
Merci à Nuno Pinheiro pour le thÚme d'icÎnes Oxygen ( ) sous licence LGPL mais aussi pour les icÎnes dédiées à QElectroTech
Merci au projet KDE ( ).
Merci à Loic pour ses explications d'ordre mathématique.
Merci à Nicolas pour les expérimentations Mac OS X.
Merci à Remi Collet pour les paquets Fedora.
Merci à Laurent Trinques pour les paquets Debian.
Merci à `trem' pour les paquets Mandriva.
Merci à TuxFamily ( ) pour l'hébergement du projet.
Merci à `Nishiki' pour ses éléments et son soutien.
Merci à pour leur classe SingleApplication.

СпаÑ?ОбП Qt Software за ОÑ? бОблОПÑ?екÑ? Qt ( ), лОÑ?еМзОÑ?ПваММÑ?Ñ? Ма Ñ?Ñ?лПвОÑ?Ñ? GNU/GPL.
СпаÑ?ОбП Everaldo Coelho за Ñ?еЌÑ? зМаÑ?кПв Crystal SVG ( ) лОÑ?еМзОÑ?ПваММÑ?Ñ? Ма Ñ?Ñ?лПвОÑ?Ñ? LGPL.
СпаÑ?ОбП Nuno Pinheiro за Ñ?еЌÑ? зМаÑ?кПв Oxygen ( ) лОÑ?еМзОÑ?ПваММÑ?Ñ? Ма Ñ?Ñ?лПвОÑ?Ñ? LGPL, а Ñ?акже за зМаÑ?кО Ñ?вÑ?заММÑ?е Ñ? QElectroTech.
СпаÑ?ОбП пÑ?ПекÑ?Ñ? KDE ( ).
СпаÑ?ОбП Loic за ПбÑ?Ñ?Ñ?МеМОÑ? Ñ?вÑ?заММÑ?е Ñ? ЌаÑ?еЌаÑ?ОкПй.
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СпаÑ?ОбП `trem' за пакеÑ? ЎлÑ? Mandriva.
СпаÑ?ОбП TuxFamily ( ) за Ñ?ПÑ?Ñ?ОМг ЎлÑ? пÑ?ПекÑ?а.
СпаÑ?ОбП `Nishiki' за Ñ?леЌеМÑ?Ñ? О пПЎЎеÑ?жкÑ?.
СпаÑ?ОбП за ОÑ? клаÑ?Ñ? SingleApplication.

Agradecimentos à QT Software pela sua biblioteca Qt ( ), licenciada de acordo com a GNU/GPL.
Agradecimentos a Everaldo Coelho pelo tema de ícones Crystal SVG ( ), licenciado de acordo com a LGPL.
Agradecimentos a Nuno Pinheiro pelo tema de ícones Oxygen e em especial pelos ícones dedicados ao programa QElectroTech ( ), lincenciado de acordo com a LGPL.
Agradecimentos ao projecto KDE ( ).
Agradecimentos a Loic pelas suas explicações relacionadas com problemas matemáticos.
Agradecimentos a Nicolas pelo trabalho desenvolvido com Mac OS X.
Agradecimentos a Remi Collet pela criação dos pacotes para Fedora.
Agradecimentos a Laurent Trinques pela criação dos pacotes para Debian.
Agradecimentos a "trem" pela criação dos pacotes para Mandriva.
Agradecimentos a TuxFamily ( ) por albergarem este projecto.
Agradecimentos a "Nishiki" pela criação de elementos e o seu suporte.
Agradecimentos a pela classe SingleApplication.
QElectroTech is a Qt4 application to design electric diagrams.
It uses XML files for elements and diagrams, and includes both a diagram editor and an element editor.

QElectroTech est une application Qt4 pour réaliser des schémas électriques.
QET utilise le format XML pour ses éléments et ses schémas et inclut un éditeur de schémas ainsi qu'un éditeur d'élément.

QElectroTech - пÑ?ОлПжеМОе МапОÑ?аММПе Ма Qt4 О пÑ?еЎМазМаÑ?еММПе ЎлÑ? Ñ?азÑ?абПÑ?кО Ñ?лекÑ?Ñ?ОÑ?еÑ?кОÑ? Ñ?Ñ?еЌ.
Ð?МП ОÑ?пПлÑ?зÑ?еÑ? XML-Ñ?айлÑ? ЎлÑ? Ñ?леЌеМÑ?Пв О Ñ?Ñ?еЌ, О вклÑ?Ñ?аеÑ?, как Ñ?еЎакÑ?ПÑ? Ñ?Ñ?еЌ, Ñ?ак О Ñ?еЎакÑ?ПÑ? Ñ?леЌеМÑ?Пв.

QElectroTech é uma aplicação baseada em Qt4 para desenhar esquemas eléctricos.
QET utiliza ficheiros XML para os elementos e para os esquemas e inclui um editor de esquemas e um editor de elementos.
Requirements :
libQt4 (see packages libqt4*)
cupsys-bsd for printing

Howto compile :
$ qmake (qmake-qt4 for Debian-based systems)
$ make
# umask 0022
# make install

Pré-requis :
libQt4 (paquets libqt4*)
cupsys-bsd pour l'impression

Comment compiler :
$ qmake (qmake-qt4 pour les systÚmes basés sur Debian)
$ make
# umask 0022
# make install

libQt4 (пакеÑ? libqt4*)
cupsys-bsd ЎлÑ? пеÑ?аÑ?О

Ð?ак кПЌпОлОÑ?ПваÑ?Ñ??:
$ qmake (qmake-qt4 ЎлÑ? Ñ?ОÑ?Ñ?еЌ ПÑ?МПваММÑ?Ñ? Ма Debian)
$ make
# umask 0022
# make install

libqt4 (ver pacotes libqt4*)
cupsys-bsd para impressão

Como compilar:
$ qmake (qmake-qt4 para sistemas baseados em Debian)
$ make
# umask 0022
# make install

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