Re: [pok-devel] ARINC-653 intrapartition communication compatibility

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> On 22.02.2014 12:40, Etienne Borde wrote:
> > Hi guys,
> >
> > this discussion reminds me I wanted to ask this question to the pok
> > developpers: why wouldn't we use branches to organize this type of
> > new contribution?
> >

don't do that. SVN branches are a horrible mess to merge back. 

SVN doesn't record properly branching information, and in particular when you merge back from the parent to the branch

as a consequence, merging an SVN branch is a horrible mess.

> By the way, are there accidentally any plans to migrate POK
> repository
> to Git? Because I'm not quite experienced in working with SVN, and I
> already use Git to manage POK code locally. I know it's kind of
> egocentric statement, but just "maybe".

YES, do that. that would be awesome. preferably migrate to github while we are at it because the UI to manage
branches and pull-request is awesome for small scale projects

and unlike SVN, Git branches are actually manageable and easy to merge

You have my support for that :)

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> Maxim Malkov
> Software Engineering Department, ISPRAS

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