[pok-devel] Changes for POK: domain name, git repository

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Dear all,

The main POK website will move on http://pok.tuxfamily.org. The main domain name safety-critical.net will no longer be used. The website is still the same, though I have updated the CMS engine (dokuwiki) to the latest version. If you want an account, please let me know.

Also, for people that would like to use the github wiki instead of using the main website, please feel free to use it as much as you want! Please make use of the built-in wiki on github!

Also, I created a specific organization on github to host the POK kernel pages. The github org is called pok-kernel. In case you want to join, please drop me a line. If you are not a regular committer and/or affiliated with an entity that is actively working on POK, please send me the reason why you would like to be added.

The git repository is on https://github.com/pok-kernel/pok The svn repository will be destroyed within a week to avoid duplication of source code locations.

Please let me know if you have any idea/suggestion.


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