Re: [hatari-users] Hatari 2.3.0 has been released

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On 12/25/20 9:14 AM, Thomas Huth wrote:
schrieb Charles Curley <charlescurley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Very nice! Thank you all. I have this release (via "git pull" and "git
co v2.3.0") running on Debian Buster (10.6). Command line and both the
regular desktop file and the python UI all work as expected.

I hit two problems:

* The installation instruction in readme.txt does not work.

     If all works fine, you should get the executable "hatari" in the
     src/ sub- directory of the build tree. You can then either run the
     executable from there, or install the emulator system-wide by

             cmake --install .

   Nope, even as root. Instead, as root, I ran "make install" and that

Which version of cmake are you using? Seems like --install is still a
rather new option, you need at least cmake version 3.15 for this...

At least it's not recognized by CMake v3.13 in
current Debian stable (Debian stable buster-backports would provide CMake v3.16).

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS has CMake v3.16, but 18.04 has
only v3.10.

=> I don't think readme.txt should recommend
   "cmake --install" yet, at least not for Linux

Use of that could simplify instructions for other
platforms though.

* I usually compile as a regular user, and then install as root. The
   "make install" and "cmake --install ." commands both compile some
   stuff as root, prior to doing the actuall installation. This leaves
   me with a bunch of stuff with UID and GID of 0 in a user directory,
   not good.

   Fortunately the problem is easily solved:

   find -uid 0 | xargs chown charles:charles

   Following is a trace of the process:
Weird, I can not reproduce that issue here. Maybe it's also related to
your older version of cmake? Can anybody else reproduce this problem?

When doing "make install" as root with CMake
v3.13 generated makefiles, only root owned file
I get in Hatari source or its build directory is
$ ls -l install_manifest.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 3767 Dec 25 21:12 install_manifest.txt

But as build doesn't need to overwrite that, only
install, and user can remove root owned files in
his own directories, IMHO that's not a problem.

	- Eero

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