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On 5/14/20 9:47 AM, Mike Harbour wrote:
Just a quick update
The issue seems to involve the presence of the GEMDOS drive. When its ejected, the debugger in AssemPro works fine. To be honest, from the beginning, when I first tried GEMDOS drives, it worked so well I didnt read the docs. I will re-read to see if I've got something wrong.

There are some cases where GEMDOS HD cannot work:

* Program is hard-coded to use only floppy disk,
  i.e. it wouldn't work with hard disk images
  either.  Some older games have this issue

* (Commercial) SW which which refuses to run when
  it detects HW cartridge being present (GEMDOS HD
  emu needs cartridge code to work). This is
  *very* rare

Please provide "--trace gemdos" Hatari output from
successful and failing runs, so that I can see
what fails (but shouldn't).

Since Hatari 2.2.1 release, few minor corner case
issues have been fixed in GEMDOS HD emulation.

It's very unlikely they would affect programs, but
one never knows.  Have you tried latest Hatari
snapshot builds, or are you building your own
Hatari binaries?

There may also be some as of yet unknown Hatari
GEMDOS HD emulation incompatibility.

One possible issue would be bug in Fforce / Fdup
file redirection handling over helper program executions. Debuggers had issues with it, and
that was fixed (maybe decade ago), but that part
of GEMDOS emulation isn't yet fool-proof.

	- Eero

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