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On 5/13/20 9:33 PM, Mike Harbour wrote:
Just wanted to say hello, and thanks for Hatari - a great program that I have used on and off for hobbying for many years.

Welcome to the list!

I do assembly language coding (at a beginner level) in the STE TOS 1.04 setup, using the AssemPro assembler, which is a nice package.

I'm afraid there's no such thing.  Do you mean ST TOS 1.04, or STE TOS 1.6x?

I thought I'd tell you of a glitch I've come across which may be of interest to you, maybe not.

The Debugger part of AssemPro doesn't work under Hatari, (running either on Mac or on Windows). It hangs the system (not Hatari itself but the emulated system inside).

What is your Hatari configuration?

If you e.g. remove your Hatari configuration file and start with defaults (giving TOS file e.g. with --tos command line option), does it still fail?

Does it fail only with GEMDOS HD, or also when running from floppy image?

Have you tried different memory amounts or other TOS versions?

The reason I thought it might be of interest to you is that the exact same PRG and TOS files cope fine on the MiST box - there the Debugger in AssemPro works. I wondered if there might be some interesting hardware-specfic magic going on. But I severely lack the skills to diagnose this sort of thing myself :(

Are you sure you're using exactly the same configuration both on MiST and Hatari? Using same machine type & CPU frequency, running from same drive, with same amount of RAM, same TOS version etc?

Btw. I think MiST implementation of 68000 ST is less accurate than Hatari one, so that's not necessary indication of Hatari doing something wrong.

(Or is the cycle-accurate core for MiSTer ported back to MiST?)

	- Eero

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