[hatari-users] Win7 and hatari.cfg

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Hi All,

I'd like to let you know that hatari.cfg file isn't always used when is should be (I guess).

When I start Hatari from its HOME, then configuration is loaded properly from hatari.cfg file:
	CD \_Atari\Emu\Hatari\
	hatari.exe \_Atari\_Twardziel\A_Prog\Wachu\RotCube\CUBE10.PRG

But when I start Hatari from different folder than its HOME, then it boots in ST mode and loads TOS.IMG:
	CD \_Atari\_Twardziel\A_Prog\Wachu\RotCube\
	\_Atari\Emu\Hatari\hatari.exe CUBE10.PRG

Is it correct behaviour?



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