Re: [hatari-users] Win7 and hatari.cfg

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On 07.02.2016 11:52, Konador, Cyprian wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'd like to let you know that hatari.cfg file isn't always used when is should be (I guess).
> When I start Hatari from its HOME, then configuration is loaded properly from hatari.cfg file:
> 	CD \_Atari\Emu\Hatari\
> 	hatari.exe \_Atari\_Twardziel\A_Prog\Wachu\RotCube\CUBE10.PRG
> But when I start Hatari from different folder than its HOME, then it boots in ST mode and loads TOS.IMG:
> 	CD \_Atari\_Twardziel\A_Prog\Wachu\RotCube\
> 	\_Atari\Emu\Hatari\hatari.exe CUBE10.PRG
> Is it correct behaviour?

Not sure ... which version of Hatari are you using? 1.9.0 or latest
development version?
In which folder is your hatari.cfg located?

.... On Windows, Hatari should use the HOMEPATH and HOMEDRIVE environment
variables to determine the home directory. Are these set on your system?


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