Re: [hatari-users] Hatari GUI bottom line in red on TT

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On 02.02.2016 11:28, Vincent Rivière wrote:
> Hello.
> In latest snapshot, EmuTOS fully supports TT video modes. Including
> switching resolutions from the desktop.
> You can get the latest EmuTOS snapshot of emutos-512k there:
> Sometimes, the bottom line of the Hatari GUI is red. See screenshot,
> this looks wrong. I noticed that long ago with Hatari TT emulation, but
> now it is easier to trigger.

This happens because Hatari up to version 1.9 uses a 8-bit surface (256
colors, with palette) for rendering the TT graphic modes. So if the TT
colors interfere with the colors that Hatari tries to use for drawing
the bottom border, you get these funny effects.

It's fixed since a couple of months in the devel version of Hatari
already - there's no more 8-bit rendering in there anymore, Hatari now
always uses 16-bit or 32-bit host surfaces for drawing the screen.


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