Re: [hatari-users] Minor Problems with Falcon Emulation

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Am Sat, 9 Aug 2014 01:10:24 +0300
schrieb Eero Tamminen <oak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi,
> On perjantai 08 elokuu 2014, Ingo Schmidt wrote:
> > I finally found the time to look into Hatari and use it as a Falcon
> > emulator. I have to say, it is really awesome. I have it integrated
> > in my HTPC in the living room and can now play those great
> > Reservoir Gods games again. Truly awesome :)
> > 
> > Unfortunately, there are some minor problems:
> > 
> > - noisy sound (yes, I know it is in the TODO list, but
> > what can be done to get it off that list? :-))
> - Is your computer fast enough?  If it's not, you get sound issues.
> - Have you compared is the sound worse than on real Falcon?
> If answer to both is yes, there are some Falcon sound issues which
> reason hasn't been yet found.  Finding the reason would help.

There's been a discussion about sound issues in Falcon emulation on the
mailing list a couple of months ago, so I assume this is the same

> > - JoyPad: I have a USB GamePad plugged in which works nicely in
> > almost all situations, except in one game: Tautology2. Hitting the
> > fire button ends the round (doesn't crash). The in-game docs say,
> > that hitting the "Options" button will end the current round. So I
> > have the feeling, that somehow not only the "fire" button is
> > triggered, but also the "Options" button.
> Did this happen just with PAD A, but not with PAD B?
> I don't know how they're supposed to work, but code for
> PAD A in Hatari looks buggy[1].  Does the attached patch fix
> your problem?

That code looks really wrong, I think your patch is right, Eero.
It should be ok to commit it.


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