Re: [hatari-users] Hatari Win32 builds with Cygwin - now working

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Le 27/01/2013 16:46, Douglas Little a écrit :
Hello again,

I was eventually able to get Hatari working under Cygwin, after some
messing around with Cygwin dependencies and SDL builds. :-)

So the next thing I need to find out is what Hatari build configuration
should be used to access the cache miss data in the profiler?

When I run Hatari I see the following, before the main window & UI appears.

$ ./hatari.exe
Hatari v1.6.2, compiled on:  Jan 27 2013, 14:35:49
Configured max Hatari resolution = 832x576.
Building CPU table for configuration: 68EC020/881 (compatible mode)

When I look at the 'System' page in the UI, it looks different from the
one I am used to from the public v1.6.2 Win32 binary distribution -
there is no 'cycle accurate' mode for example, and fewer options generally.

Did you try to compile with "./configure --enable-winuae-cpu" ? If so, you will see that while compiling it will use files from "cpu/" instead of "uae-cpu/"


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