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On torstai 11 lokakuu 2012, Vincent Rivière wrote:
> On 11/10/2012 15:54, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > This makes the assumption that file names are commonly in latin-1.
> > They are not, it's file system specific (mount option).
> > 
> > On Linux they're nowadays all in UTF-8.  I don't know what's common on
> > Windows or OSX, but I'm pretty sure it's not some region specific
> > legacy 8-bit encoding.
> On Windows, the file functions return the file names translated to the
> system locale, whatever the internal file system encoding is.

The standard C file functions used by Hatari?  Or is it only
the standard WIN32 API file functions that get this translation?

> The fonts use the same locale, so there is never trouble when standard
> system fonts are used.

And standard widgets, as Hatari SDL uses it's own bitmap font,
not a vector font (standard or non-standard).

The WIN32 stuff in Hatari CMakefile.txt mentions sockets under
WIN32 check, so it might be possible that the Python UI (which
communicates through Hatari control socket) works also on Windows,
except for the Hatari window embedding part [1] that's X11 specific.

Hatari Python UI works without embedding the Hatari window,
they're then just two separate windows.

To run Python+Gtk programs on Windows, you need pygtk, e.g. from here:

	- Eero

[1] I assume Window embedding is possible also on Windows as SDL
sources had some mentions about it, but SDL support for that
specificly disables input event handling, it's just for output.
I.e. somebody needs to write Windows specific window embedding
code for that to work too.

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