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On 23/12/2011 20:19, Vincent Rivière wrote:
Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Now, it would be interesting to know what tests does emutos to consider
the drive b: is bogus ? So far, Atari's TOS in falcon mode are working
with our WD1772 emulation, so emutos should be able to work too with the
proper tests.

Oh, so there is a bug in EmuTOS floppy routines. Strangely, it works
fine with ARAnyM... It also works fine on Hatari with ST/TT hardware,
with any CPU/speed combination. But it fails on Hatari as soon as Falcon
hardware is selected.

Perhaps that's because in Falcon mode ff860f is emulated and emutos expects some values there different from the limited support in Hatari so far.

Some info from Didier Méquignon:
In HD bits 0/1 of 0xFFFF860E.W are set.
In DD bits 0/1 of 0xFFFF860E.W are cleared.

Why 2 bits, I don't know.

Also, EmuTOS uses the bit 6 of the hardware DIP switches to detect a
High Density floppy drive. But this information is not used afterwards.

I will have to make some investigation...

Hatari has hardly any support for ff860f. Writing there will have no effect, and reading will always return 0x80, so this will certainly not be what a real falcon would do :)

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